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What’s New

Where we started: selling shorts out of the back of the Kirsch family station wagon in 1965.

Where we are now: celebrating our 60th year as a group of family-owned brands and our first Aventura collection crafted with 100% eco-conscious fibers.

We are excited to present you with Spring 2025, a milestone collection that embodies everything our family business stands for.

To frame this season, experience a day at the annual Kirsch family “Cousins Camp” with us. Hosted by our mom and family matriarch, Suzanne, in her beautiful home on Washington’s Puget Sound, this summer gathering brings together her six children, (including us, CEO John and Design Director Kathleen), three step-children, 24 grandchildren, and six great grandchildren, plus room for more loved ones as our family grows. Days are filled with sunlit mornings by the dock, afternoons of water adventures, and evenings of shared conversations under the stars.


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A sneak peek into the Aventura and Old Ranch Brands Spring / Summer 2024 collections.


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Our Mission

Aventura Clothing is designed for women, by women. By making conscious choices to work with sustainable and low impact fabrics and partnering with Fair Trade Certified™ factories, it is our mission to create beautiful and comfortable women’s clothing. We are committed to providing women with socially and environmentally ethical clothing.

Sustainability is Beautiful

Five years ago, we challenged ourselves to create 100% of our spring 2025 collection with eco-conscious fibers. We are so very proud to say that we’ve achieved this goal!

In the last 19 years, we’ve pushed ourselves to not only utilize low-impact fibers, but to always look at how we can improve our
offerings. We are happy to introduce flax to our repertoire this year, as well as incorporate the silky LENZING™ ECOVERO™ that crafts some of our best-selling Fall 2024 styles.

Fair Trade Empowers Women

78% of our Spring 2025 Collection is produced at Fair Trade Certified™ factories and your customers can take pride in knowing that their purchase is helping garment workers end their
cycle of poverty!

Fair Trade USA™ not only guarantees that garment workers are treated and paid fairly but it also helps to give opportunities to workers they ordinarily would not have. For every fair trade product your customer buys, we pay a premium directly to workers for programs like childcare facilities, transportation, cultural celebrations, medical programs, savings accounts, and other improvements that allow them the chance to better their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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Ethical Family Values

Dad knows best. For us, that rings true because we’ve been building our family business on the foundations laid by our father all the way back in 1965.

We find this business terribly personal (how could a family business not?) and therefore we only want to create clothing that is meaningful. This includes round after round of fitting prototype samples on the ladies in our office. It means a diligent eye on the future and the past to create something that energizes the moment. It also entails prioritizing quality fibers that stretch, feel, and hang the best…of course, while minding their environmental impact.

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